Portable Oxygen Concentrator

You can do certain things to make it simpler to deal with challenges while battling a lung disease or a respiratory disorder that necessitates the use of supplemental oxygen. With the option of a portable oxygen concentrator, you may now breathe easier while taking advantage of your freedom and independence. For example, when the patient requires complete bed rest, doctors usually recommend a regular oxygen concentrator. And, when the patient is not suffering from a severe bed rest condition, the health specialist may prescribe a portable oxygen concentrator so that the patient can leave his everyday life easier.

A POC is a medical device that helps people with low blood oxygen levels. POC can use either a battery or an electrical outlet to power them. If the battery is down, you'll need to plug it into an outlet to recharge. Many portable oxygen concentrators also include an attachment for use while driving. And POC can also be used while doing many other things.

We lgrespicare provide portable oxygen concentrators for rental and sale purposes. All our portable oxygen concentrators are either brand new or in good condition, carefully cleaned and sanitized after every rental use.